Specialized project teams operate in the following main areas:

  • promotion of infrastructure and industrial projects ranging from sales promotion to financial engineering;
  • sugar and selected agricultural engineering;
  • sale of turnkey factories.

The above has resulted in successful participation in inter alia the following industries:

  • fish and tropical fruits;
  • edible oils and nuts;
  • vanilla;
  • cotton;
  • industrial equipment trade;
  • processed food;
  • industrial and agricultural chemicals;
  • pharmaceutical products.


Many years of experience in countertrade (inclusive of bilateral, trilateral and reciprocal trade) and growing activities in this category has vested and contributed towards increasing large interests world wide. Through these activities we have established firm high level diplomatic, financial and trade relationships world wide.

Close cooperation continuously exist with major international banks, the World Bank, International Monetary Fund and other relevant bodies providing backup for the efficient conclusion of these transactions.

Other than the establishment of new markets, diversification of source and channel and substantial increase of trade, countertrade is a vehicle utilizing efficiently by us to promote trade through

  • diplomatic links;
  • participate in the establishment of industries;
  • assist with arrangements of industries;
  • assist with arrangements of trade credit;
  • shipping;
  • insurance and technical assistance.

ransnational Resources Brochure