• Commodity trading;

  • Bilateral, counter- and barter trade;

  • Futures trading, hedging and investments;

  • Selected project management;

  • Trade promotion through diplomatic and business associations world wide, participation in establishment of industries, assistance with arrangements of trade credit.

Expertise include the whole spectrum of crude oil and petroleum trading, shipping, insurance and financing, storage and risk management. Independent processing and trade are based on long term contracts, activities on spot markets as well as barter transactions.

Crude oil and petroleum products

Our crude oil and petroleum product sourcing and trading activities are also vested outside of the Persian Gulf in Asia, Far East, West Africa, Latin America, USA and the Mediterranean.


Coal is the classical component in our concept of world wide energy supply. We service the cement, steel and electricity industries with a variety of steam, stoker, anthracite and metallurgic coal. With and ever growing client base we are penetrating the United States; Asian; Latin American; European; USSR and Far Eastern markets.


Our affiliation to one of the world's largest free trading groups in this commodity establishes sourcing, marketing and risk management expertise globally and consuming countries, Clients are well distributed, representing between 55 and 60 countries


Our principals trade more than 400 000 tons annually and are major participants in this market and one of the world's leading traders processors and distributors servicing the chocolate manufacturing industry.


With about ten trading desks around the world activities in this sector are gradually increasing, participating in such major markets as France, the USA, Japan, UK, Latin America, Italy, the Netherlands and West Germany.


Our principals' affiliation to the Thailand, Indian and African markets and its trading of more than 600 000 tons of rice annually put them in a world leadership position in this market. They are well placed and equipped to service the Northern, Central and Latin Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia, India and certain Far Eastern markets.


Our trading base extends world wide with main suppliers from the USSR, Algeria, Bulgaria, Morocco and Senegal. The main customers are Greece, Egypt, China, Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador, Ireland and France.


We are associated with one of Europe's largest groups in processing and trading of meat and meat products owning six slaughterhouses and eight processing plants with more than 2 600 employees. Here a vast and very efficient fast growing team handles an average annual turnover of more than 200 000 tons (in carcass equivalent).


Activities range from trading to distribution and storage with an increasing trend from an annual turnover of about 460 000 tonnes. Strong ties exist with such regions as Mexico, Cuba, Pakistan, India and Egypt.

Dairy products

With more than 180 000 tons traded annually our affiliation to one of the world's leading dairy product trading groups affords great efficiency and flexibility in this market sector both in developing and developed countries.


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