Established in the 1980's we, at Transnational Resources, are in business to execute international ventures and establish superior trade links.

Business means much more to us that the creation of wealth. We care about business for its challenge and difficulty and drama. We care about business because it is a dynamic puzzle demanding that constant attention be given to the smallest detail and the biggest plan.

We partake in and use trading as a tool in as much as it establishes fundamentals, friend ships and bridges among nations. We utilize trading as the mechanism to help others to help themselves; to contribute to the creation of values and self respect; to strive for peace and build roads of prosperity for mankind.

Trading partners seldom make war.

To us the challenge is simple: find the way of providing the people and industry what they want and offer some advantage that they would be unwise to reject.

We, at Transnational Resources, really love the business we are doing. We believe in delivering the goods.

We continue to maintain for a leading position in the international community trade and continue to strive for greater excellence.

Our Mission

To introduce, through the mechanism of physical trading, South and Southern African goods and commodities world wide.

To establish business associations world wide for the South and Southern African companies and groups.

To establish routes, based on security of supply, for the import of strategically import commodities and products for the South and Southern African industries.

To consistently meet meet our complex market's needs for expert and sophisticated business efficiency, convenience and reliable handling of their business affairs by

  • providing a full range of agency and broking services;
  • combining personal commitment with relevant business technology;
  • motivation with a sense of partnership; and
  • innovation of effective trade and industrial business practices to full potential.

We respect human dignity, are committed to helping others to help themselves and to contribute to the creation of values.

Our Task

  • To introduces new markets business and business potential.
  • To efficiently utilize resources in the achievement of the relevant business objectives in order to increase production and maximize profits.
  • To establish business relationships through conventional as well as non-conventional trading mechanisms and concentrate efforts to benefit the entire relationship and its purpose.
  • To establish diversification of supply and demand sources and channels.


ransnational Resources Brochure